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We've never said we're good at everything. However, there are a few things we think we're pretty dang good at. Here they are...
Through custom designs, stunning custom aquariums can be created using acrylic material that looks and feels like natural sea glass.
Whether your needs be big or small, we promise to create an underwater masterpiece that your guests would be sure to talk about!
Don’t worry about your fish if you're taking a vacation or business trip. Fish sitting allows someone to come into your home and take care of them.


We're firm believers in that old saying, how does it go? Oh yeah, there's no such thing as a stupid question. Ask away, friends, ask away...
How much does a custom aquarium cost?
An average custom aquarium could start at around $2,000 depending on the customizations made, while luxury custom tanks can start at upwards of $30,000 with extensive customizing. So if you're looking into getting a custom aquarium, make sure to consider everything you want it to include to get an accurate estimate for your beautiful custom tank!
What type of fish should I put in my aquarium?
Consider adding brightly colored and active tropical freshwater fish, like guppies and tetras. If you want something a bit more exotic and a talking point for all your house guests, why not consider adding in some saltwater fish? Clownfish, tangs, and damsels could provide that unique 'under the sea' experience, with their exceptionally bright colors.
How do I choose the right size aquarium?
First, measure the area that you have available for a tank - from here, you may decide on a standard size or custom build an aquarium based on your needs. Secondly, consider the type of fish and marine life you intend to put into your custom aquarium; different species come with specific requirements such as tank space and water particle composition.
How do I maintain my custom aquarium?
Caring for a custom aquarium can be fun and rewarding, but also requires work. Keeping it looking beautiful and healthy takes dedicated effort. First, weekly water changes are essential in maintaining custom aquariums. Second, making sure the filter system is clean and running properly is also important to keep your custom aquarium healthy.

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custom aquariums
prosper, TX
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